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The Association had its beginnings as a Progress Association in late 1854. At a public meeting in early 1924 a Port Elliot Town and Foreshore Improvement Committee was formed, eventually becoming an incorporated body.

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Posted on 29th March 2019

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Dogs Day Out on the Fleuriu - Quick Report

▪ Opened by Mayor Keith Parkes, dress up parade judges Tracy Parkes and Rebekah Sharkie, both local Councillors Michael and Bronwyn attended.

▪ Our best event yet, fabulous help from Association members. First one there Sunday at 7am Cr Michael Scott!

▪ Excellent feedback received from the community and stall owners.

▪ Flags and bunting made with art from Port Elliot primary school students really helped the place become alive with colour and flutter.

▪ Tighter planning of the arena improved the event vibe a lot.

▪ Event programming worked great – 2 parades, three demos, good stalls, hot dogs sold out, good fund raising for RSB Guide Dogs.

▪ Major sponsor The Times and great donation from the Rotary Club of Encounter Bay helped cover most costs.

Greyhounds Run Free at the Port Elliot Dog Park

The first of six Greyhound off-lead hours was held 13 January 2019 with great success. The event was booked out and all 6 events were booked out in the first few weeks of advertising (max 2 events allowed per dog, max 40 dogs). This shows how popular this concept is.

Alexandrina Council is trialing these greyhound events hoping to determine if they can be run with a low enough risk to convince the Dog and Cat Management Board of SA to allow other Councils to do the same. The greyhound hour idea came from the Friends of the Port Elliot Dog Park.

The Greyhound trial continues monthly until June 2019. Remaining dates are Sundays 14th April, 12th May and 16th June, at 10:00AM until 11:00AM, re-opening for all dogs at 11:15AM.

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